Bethesda School of Nursing a lemna um zieh in class kipan kiading

Bethesda School of Nursing

Betheseda School of Nursing College, Muolvaiphei Board Member leh Parents/Guardians te’n tuni’a kihoulemna anei uh toh kituoh in zing, March 28, 2019 (10:00 AM) apat ngaina bang in class peitou zelta ding ahidan report in gen hi.

Zing, March 28, 2019 (10:00 AM) chieng in GNM/BSC Nursing 2nd Year Student te ngaina bang a class nei ding in hostel/boarding ah lutta ding ua, alangkhat ah college rule umsa zui chiet hiding chi’n zong tuni’n board member leh parents te’n student-te sih-le-tang in thukim uhi.
Student-te theipina lou a college authority te’n force a student-te room leh boxes checks abawl zieh ua Ni 7 peitasa a Bethesda School of Nursing College, Muolvaiphei a siltung deihuoilou tung ahi.