Congress Candidate ading Campaign nei


16th Lok Sabha Election hun banglou a 17th Lok Sabha Election pen Indian Constitution kepbitna ding leh North East State leh mipi jousie Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 apat suota sah ding chi ahina ah koipou in ahingtung ding April 11, 2019 chieng a, a vote manphatah uh Congress Party symbol a khe chiet ding chi’n O. Ibobi Singh, Former Chief Minister of Manipur in tuni’a YPA GHQ Hall, Hiangtam Lamka um Public Meeting & Campaign of K. James program hun ah gen hi.

State BJP Govt. in singtangmite a ngaisah a, a khotuoh leh CCpur District khantouna ding a package a phuon tungtawn a Peace Ground, Tuibuong a District Mini-Secretarait inauguration bawl thei ding a works completion bawl ding chi’n zong gen hi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Govt. lamkaina nuoi a Central Govt. huham chi’a mijousie in a thei lai in State BJP Govt. zong huham a, Govt. chilouna demte nasan zong NSA (Nationa Security Act) nuoi ah mat in um chi hi. NSA nuoi a kimante ahileh a tangpi in singneimi te ahi’a, hinanleh tu-le-tu a BJP State Govt. in minautang nasan tami Act. nuoi ah mi man ziehzieh chi hi.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi lamkaina nuoi a BJP Govt. in zero balance a bank account hong jousie kung ah Rs 15 Lakhs deposit bawlsah ding uh chi’a zuou-le-nal a, agen banglou in INC President Rahul Gandhi in Hachin a BPL family te kung a Rs 6000, peding chi’a promise & assurance abawl pen Think Tank & Reknown Economist te’n hoitah a survey & analyst abawl jou a Rahul Gandhi in promise abawl ahidan genkawm in Communal Political Party, BJP apat suotatna pethei ding INC chilou Indian Political Party dang umlou chi hi.

Zankhat thu a Demonitization, GST leh CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) luikhiet ahizieh in kum 45 sung ah India in 1.80 Lakhs val sepna mansuo a, tuami ahileh Prime Minister in kum khat sung a sepna 200 core siemkhe ding a chi toh kikumkal chi hi.

Tualeh MPCC President Gaikhanngam in Go to Village Program in Singtangmite hamphatna a pieh sang in BJP Plan & Policy program bangma lou ahidan theisah ahina ah “Go to Home” slogan anei ua a mission uh a tawpsan ding uh ahi chi’n gen hi. A hing tung ding 17th Lok Sabha Election hun a BJP in vaihawmna a tuh kia ngeingei leh India pen Democracy Country hinawnlou in Dictator Country suota ding ahina ah mipi’n a sie-le-pha theina uh toh ahing tung ding Apirl 11, 2019 chieng a vote khe ding chi’n zong gen hi.

“One India, One Culture & One Religion” ahileh BJP te secret Agenda ahi’a, BJP vaihawmna nuoi ah mihing sang in Bawng in value neizaw ta chi hi.

Alangkhat ah MLA Korungthang in tutung Lok Sabha Election pen ideology war ahidan genkawm in BJP vote pieh pen sakhuo zalenna, secular deite a ding a poison toh kibang ahi chi’n gen a, Tualeh TN. Haokip, MLA Saikot in zalentah a Pasian bieh theina ding a mipi’n ahing tung ding April 11, 2019 chieng a, a vote manphatah uh khechiet ding chi’n gen hi.

Tuni program hun ah T. Manga Vaiphei in vote of thanks genna anei ban ah MP Candidate K. James in Rahul Gandhi leh Securlar Party zieh a mipi’n a vote manphata uh Congress symbol a khechiet ding chi’n ngetna bawl hi.