Dec 25 tan a Result phuong ding in 2016 batch candidate in hun tawp pie


All Manipur D.P.C. Completed Candidates of Manipur Rifle (MR), Male, 2016 batch in government kung ah pending result phuonkhiet nading in December 26, 2018 hun tawp in pie ua, phuonkhiet ahilou leh December 27, 2018 apat kiphinna tuomtuom pat a um ding hidan in gen uhi.

Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul mun a Spokesperson Joint Action Committee on All Manipur DPC Completed Candidates of MR- 2016 Batch, H. Bobo in agendan in tam result phuonkhiet ding toh kisai a government policy dohna nei in amau nua a lah te zong training neita uhi’n gen hi. Kum 4-5 nua a zong recruitment khat result kiphuonkhiet lou zieh in kum upa man zong um manding gelna gamtang ahi uh ama chi’n dohna nei hi. Tam thupieh ngaisahlou a result phuonkhiet ahilou leh December 27 apat kiphinna tuomtuom nei hiding chi hi.

Press meet nei nua in Chief Minister Bungalow lam zuan in pei ua, police te’n T.G Higher Secondary School nai lah ah ana kham uhi. Member khenkhat lut sah in chief Miniser kimupi sah hi ua, adangte ahileh nuasawl in um uhi.