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WhatsApp Status Photos & Videos Save/Share ding dan [Apps download sese ngailou]

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Save/Share WhatsApp Status [ Photos & Videos ]

WhatsApp Status Save nading leh Share nading a Screenshot na bawl ngai leh tawpsan in!!

A Save ding dan nopzaw leh chieng zaw anuoi ah sim suh in……

WhatsApp Status ahileh WhatsApp feature lah a lawite toh kitheisah tuona hoipen (Coolest Features) hilai ding a, mimal tah a message thot sese lou in zong i gen nuom tampi kung a genthei ahi hi.

Hinanleh lawmte status a thupoimaw ahilouleh hoi isah um hun chieng in direct a download leh share bawl nading  umlou hi. Lungkhawm sin a bawl dan ding um ahi. Video hi in Photo hita leh WhatsApp Status jousie a Delete lou uleh zong naikal 24 sung maimai um giap a, tua zieh in apoimawte Save dan ding thei poimaw hi.

WhatsApp Status Save nading in anuoi a bang in bawl in –>


Go to –

  • File Manager/File Explorer 
  • Settings (Horizontal line 3)

Whatsapp staus lensiam.com

  •  Settings option

Whatsapp Status

  • Show Hidden Files

Whatsapp Status

Nua pei kia in len WhatsApp Folder ah lut in

  • WhatsApp

Whatsapp Status

  • Media

Whatsapp Status

  • .statuses
Whatsapp Status
Whatsapp Status

Status na et khah jousie kilang ding a, Send na bawl thei ding a, na Save nuom leh copy bawl a mudang a save khiet ding manghil sin. Na save khiet lou leh naikal 24 nua chieng in ana um nonlou ding hi.


Apps zang a WhatsApp Status bailam tah a Save/Share bawl ding dan [Install Apps]

Apps Install bawl ngailou a na bawl ut leh atung a kipie sim in.

Atung a kipie bawl theilou ahilouleh buoi huoi sa um leh Apps lien lou khat Install bawl a lawmte WhatsApp Status  Save leh Share bailam tah a bawl thei ahi.

A nuoi a Apps kipie Status Saver kichi download bawl in –>

Status Saver
Status Saver
Price: Free+


Na theisiemlou leh bawl theilou um leh Comment ah hng theisah un aw…..Happy to Help….

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